BaRock Orchestra


Frequently Asked Questions:

Excitement, Energy, and Fun: We pride ourselves on injecting excitement, energy, and pure fun into every performance. We genuinely love what we do and aim to create great music while having a blast.
The Best Musicians: Our band is composed of the best musicians available. We consistently utilize the same talented team for every performance, ensuring you receive the highest level of musical expertise. You won’t need to request our “best guys” – they’re all top-notch.
Our Sound: We believe that great music doesn’t have to be deafeningly loud. Our band plays at a volume that’s both exciting and energized, allowing for easy conversation even during dance music. We achieve this through the right number of musicians for your guest count, an enhanced sound system with in-ear monitors and the expertise of our sound technician who continuously monitors sound levels.
Working Within Your Budget: We understand that weddings can be expensive, and we’re committed to working within your budget. If you love our music and share our band’s philosophy, we’ll find a pricing solution that suits your needs.
Music with an Edge: We are dedicated to infusing your favorite music with a distinctive touch. For instance, during the cocktail hour, where many bands tend to perform the same slow Israeli set, we offer a delightful change with our rendition of light jazz. This provides a refreshing and distinctive experience for your guests. Additionally, we are more than willing to accommodate any special song requests for your ceremony and other significant moments.”
Best of Both worlds: BaRock Entertainment stands out for its versatility in playing various music styles. We excel in both Jewish and Rock-N-Roll genres, ensuring an exceptional performance in each. Our ability to deliver Rock-N-Roll as authentically as society bands and Jewish music as genuinely as Jewish bands sets us apart.

Featured Vocalists: At BaRock, we offer a unique advantage when it comes to vocalists. Our musicians are also accomplished singers, which means when you hire our band, you’ll have two or three vocalists (musician-vocalists) as part of the package. However, it’s common for many clients to opt for a “Featured Vocalist” – an individual who exclusively provides vocal performances at the wedding, typically during the ceremony and dancing. We have established partnerships with some of the top vocalists in the wedding industry today. You can select from our extensive roster of vocalists to perform at your wedding, based on their availability and your preferences.

If you have additional questions or specific inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to make your event a memorable and musically spectacular experience!